Timetable and Tickets

Dear Rail Revival  Supporters

I now have all the details of the Rail Revival Trip Saturday 13 October 2018

Here is the timetable:

Newport dep 07:24
North Shore dep 08:19
Lal Lal arr 09:43
Lal Lal dep 09:47
Ballarat arr 10:10
Ballarat dep 10:25
Maryborough arr 11:33
Dunolly arr 11:58
Dunolly dep 12:46
Maryborough arr 13:06
Ballarat arr 14 :15
North Shore arr 15:52
Newport 16:05

The fares are as follows:

Full trip: Newport – Dunolly and return $120
Half trip: $80
Individual sections: $30

If you are interested in coming along on the day for all or part of the journey, please let me know immediately as the seats will disappear very quickly. It will be a great day.

For further Information contact:

Noel Laidlaw
Rail Revival Alliance
M 0448 568 429